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Sports Tech

Our Solutions

Physical Education App
Our customized mobile applications and CRM websites are crafted to enhance the Physical Education experience. We provide tools that enable educators to track progress, manage schedules, and engage with students more effectively.

We offer a comprehensive Physical Education curriculum for K-12 students, available through our innovative Sportal Tech Mobile Application. Our curriculum covers various sports and physical activities, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging physical education program for all grade levels.


We have taken a step forward in revolutionizing physical education programs by incorporating Virtual Reality (VR) technology. With VR, students can experience sports in a simulated environment that mimics real-life scenarios, allowing them to improve their skills and performance. By integrating VR technology into their physical education program, Sportal is providing students with a unique and engaging learning experience that can enhance their understanding of sports and improve their overall performance. This innovative approach to sports education is sure to set Sportal apart from its competitors and provide students with a competitive edge in the sports industry.


Sports Academies App

For Sports Academies, our comprehensive management platform simplifies operations and boosts member engagement. From scheduling training sessions to managing athlete profiles, our solutions ensure smooth and efficient academy management.
Streamline Your Club Operations with Our All-in-One Platform
We empower sports clubs and associations to optimize their daily operations, manage finances efficiently, and enhance communication with members. Stay informed with our comprehensive dashboard.

Real-Time Insights

Easily access the latest registrations, financial summaries, and track the progress of your members and teams—all at the click of a button.

Event Calendars & Attendance Management

Effortlessly create and manage training sessions, matches, and season events for all your teams. Send email and push notifications to keep your members updated on any changes to your schedule.

Financial Management Tools

Oversee subscriptions, log payments, and send reminders for overdue fees. Our platform also includes an online store to help you manage inventory and sales seamlessly.


Talent Identification
Identifying and nurturing talent is crucial in sports. Our platforms offer advanced features to scout, track, and develop promising athletes, helping them reach their full potential.


Why Choose Us?
Boost Member Engagement

With the Sportal Mobile Application, enhancing member engagement has never been easier. Our app streamlines communication, ensuring that all members stay informed and connected.

Simplify Club Operations

Effortlessly manage your club’s operations with features designed to simplify administrative tasks. From scheduling to member management, our app ensures everything runs smoothly.

Ensure Timely Payments

Say goodbye to late payments with our automated reminders. Sportal ensures that all financial transactions are timely and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on what matters most - the sport.

At  Sportal , we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of the sports community. Our expertise in technology and passion for sports drive us to create products that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Partner with us and take your sports management to the next level.

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