Sportal Corporate came into existence with an innovative idea from in-depth conscious from the team of people who have spent their life in playing, then teaching and now managing Sports Education Programmes all over the world.

Sportal Corporate is a complete Sports Education program for every age group from Kindergarten to Corporate level. We provide sports skill-based education and project-based training as per industry standards with each courses. We also provide Internship Assistance  in the same. 

Meet the Team


Dr. Gaurav Pant


Dr. Gaurav Pant started his formal education in Sports at L.N.I.P.E. Gwalior which is one of the reputed universities in Physical Education all over the world. He did his Ph.D. in Sports Education and then M.B.A in Marketing. He is an Educator and Entrepreneur.  He published more than 35 Research articles and 6 books in Sports and Physical Education. He also holds 2 patents in the field of Sports. He is running this company since 2013. 


Mr B Kiran Kumar

Head of Marketing 

Mr Kiran Kumar is an artist and Marketing Head of Sportal Corporate Pvt. Ltd. He did his graduation in Sports Science in India then he did his Master's in Sports Management from Loughborough University which is the best university in Sports Managment. He decided to come to India and join Sportal so that he can give best education to Indian Students. He has Qualified National Eligibility Test too


Dr Seema


Dr. Seema did her Ph.D. in Economics and B.Ed. She is working with School Kids and also innovates new methods of teaching kids through sports. She had published more then 6 research paper and 2 book in Education.


Ms. Pankaja Pandey

Director of Curriculum

Mrs. Pankaja Pandey is an international-level Athlete was an Engineer at Railways and she pivoted her carrier in Sports Education because of her love for Sports and now she had submitted her Ph.D. in Sports. She had also qualified NET. She had published more then 10 research paper on Sports Education


Mr Anubhav Bhattacharjee

Head of E Sports Education

Mr Anubhav Bhattacharjee is an amazing Gamer. After his MTech, he did certifications from the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE in GAME DEVELOPERS AND ESPORTS ORGANIZATIONS and ESPORTS TEAMS AND PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS. He is not only taking care of E-Sports Education but also acting as a bridge between Industry requirements and education curriculum.